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Relieve Knee Pain With Supartz Therapy

Millpond Integrative Health and Wellness Center providers have extensive experience in knee pain treatment. We have pioneered the industry’s latest proven alternatives to surgery and steroids.

Supartz Joint Therapy - Lexington, KY - Millpond Integrative Health & Wellness Center

In the past, knee surgery and pain medicine were the only treatments available to decrease or alleviate the pain associated with osteoarthritis. Fortunately, these are no longer the only options. In fact, at Millpond Integrative Health and Wellness Center, we offer Supartz joint therapy to address this serious condition and allow our patients to return to their routine activities.

With Supartz joint therapy, our healthcare professionals will inject a purified solution of sodium hyaluronate directly into the affected joint. Because sodium hyaluronate is a natural substance found in the body’s cartilage, this allows increased lubrication in the knee—which, in turn, relieves the pain. Injections only take a few minutes, but our patients report that the results are long lasting.  Supartz is an ideal alternative treatment for patients who don’t want to rely on a regimen of prescription medications or invest the time and money into a costly surgical procedure.

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