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Cholesterol and how it impacts your body is important. It is the cornerstone for optimal health. 60-70% of our patients come in with cholesterol medications. It’s been demonized to the point where most people think that it’s bad. It is not what’s going to cause heart attacks or strokes. When testing cholesterol, doctors look at HDL and LDL, HDL being classified as the “good” cholesterol and  LDL as the “bad” cholesterol. But we need to set things straight: LDL and HDL are not cholesterol, they can be described as a taxi cab. The LDL carries the cholesterol out into your body, and the HDL carries the cholesterol back to the liver. So by just testing your overall cholesterol count, you do not know if you are at a high or low risk for a heart attack. We test differently here at Millpond Wellness. We look at how big the particle sizes are.

LDL particles are not bad, they are essential. The problem is when they become oxidized due to inflammatory issues, or blood sugar issues. The particles become too small and cause plaguing as they get under the thin layers of your blood vessels. Here in our chiropractic office we like to use golf balls and tennis balls as an analogy for LDL particles. The inside lining of your blood vessels are like a smooth tennis net. When your LDL levels are healthy, your blood vessels are compared to the tennis ball, and they can’t get through that tennis net.

Due to different inflammatory issues in the body, the LDL particles will shrink down to the size of a golf ball, and the golf balls slip right through the tennis net, causing the plaquing. Most people think that the plague is building up inside the artery, when it’s actually getting between the two layers of smooth muscle and eventually it will move through the artery and cause a heart attack. A basic test won’t tell you this. So even if your cholesterol is high, that’s just cholesterol circulating in your blood, and you have no idea if it’s getting in between those layers, becoming dangerous. Let’s look at the different reasons your cholesterol goes up.

3 reasons why cholesterol goes up


It is anti-inflammatory, it goes in and patches up some of the inflammation in your arteries to avoid more inflammation from happening. So if you are highly inflamed, your cholesterol is going to go up. However, the cholesterol is not the reason you are inflamed, it is responding to the environment that already has inflammation in it.

Here at Journey to Wellness, when we run our cardio-metabolic panel, which checks your cholesterol, we also run several different inflammatory markers, because we know that they go hand in hand. Now, when you go to the doctor and your cholesterol is high, your doctor will put you on a medication that lowers your cholesterol. But that medication did nothing to cure the cause of the inflammation that is causing all the damage. Even worse, you just took away the body’s defense mechanism to fight the inflammation.

Low Hormones

It is the backbone to most of our sex hormones and the precursor to pregnenolone which produces progesterone and DHEA. This then goes on to make testosterone which is converted into estrogen. You absolutely need cholesterol to make all of those hormones.  If you are a man, and you are low on testosterone, which usually happens due to inflammation or too much sugar, your hormones are tanking.

If you lower your cholesterol, you are not giving your body the ability to make more testosterone. So you still feel bad, have no energy, and don’t have that virility because your body doesn’t have the backbone to make your hormone.

Even vitamin D is a hormone that is made from cholesterol. There are so many studies linking vitamin D to anti-cancer, protection of your immune system and auto immune. When you go into the sun, the sun hits your skin, and that cholesterol converts to vitamin D. You need cholesterol to make the vitamin D, and if your cholesterol is lowered with medication, you are no longer making that necessary vitamin D, which is now why being on a statin medication causes an increased risk of cancer.


Cholesterol is anti-fungal and anti-viral. Most patients we treat have some type of yeast overgrowth. If you have yeast in your body, spreading throughout, causing skin issues, UTIs, or a belly that won’t go away, it is a sign of a fungal infection and cholesterol will elevate because of this. If you take the statin medication, your cholesterol will go down, but it won’t fix the underlying issues. We look to see what’s causing the higher cholesterol, not just look at the numbers.


The “don’t eat eggs, it will raise your cholesterol” saying is incorrect.  Only 20% of your levels are influenced by what you eat. 80% is made by your own body and your own body doesn’t make things that are not healthy or not necessary. The liver function is extremely important to look at, when your cholesterol levels are going up. Your gallbladder uses it to make bile salt. The bile salt is how you emulsify and break down fat. You need to consume healthy fat, and need a lot of healthy fat in your body. If you force the cholesterol levels down, and you can’t get the bile salts, you then can’t get the proper use of the healthy fats.

People are so worried about cholesterol and being on a “low-fat diet”. There isn’t a big link between fatty foods and cholesterol but there is a giant link between cholesterol and abnormal blood sugar. If you want to lower your cholesterol the first thing you should cut out is grains and sugars, and you will see more improvement then cutting out fats and eggs.

Natural Steps to Lowering your Cholesterol

Here are some natural steps to lowering your cholesterol:

  •  Being active
  •  Diet: Following your food allergies and cutting down on sugar.
  •  Using supplements
  •  Green tea. Green tea is great for reducing cholesterol. But, drinking   one cup of green tea is not going to lower your cholesterol. You need   to drink about 12 cups   a day to get any benefit from green tea. You   can take it in a capsule form or herb form because it’s going to be   more potent.
  •  Add cinnamon, black seeds and antioxidants to your smoothie
  •  Use sun flower oil

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or Hypertension is widespread, although high blood pressure is categorized as a common normal condition and in fact it is not a condition and in most cases shouldn’t be diagnosed. Blood pressure rises because it is how the body reacts to a stressful situation, it is your body’s adaptation to stress. It becomes a problem if you have arterial damage, and your blood pressure spikes extremely fast. The problem comes from you being sick for a long period of time, and the arterial lining is weak.

Blood pressure values are also given to patients incorrectly because there is no such thing as a normal blood pressure. Race, gender and age are never distinguished in finding these levels, but once doctors have an average, they then say it is the norm. Inflammation testing should be conducted on anyone who suffers from high blood pressure, and our clinic knows what to test for to find out why you have high blood pressure.

Blood Sugar

Blood sugar levels are all affected by insulin resistance, and millions of people are diagnosed as having prediabetes, diabetes, or a metabolic syndrome. For anyone who has these conditions, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can be challenging. This can lead to nerve damage, fatigue, weight gain, loss of vision and arterial damage among others. Stress can also be a significant factor because raised cortisol levels will interfere with how insulin is used.

The blood sugar levels are raised by glucose that comes from the foods we eat which are high in carbohydrates. Normal blood sugar levels can be maintained in the following ways:

  • Eat a low-processed, anti-inflammatory diet. Carbohydrates don’t need to be cut out altogether, just that you need to balance them out with protein/fats, and focus on getting them from real, whole foods. A diet of this type will slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream and reduce large rapid spikes.
  • Switch Up Your Carbs & Sweeteners. While all types of added sugars are capable of raising blood sugar levels, some sources of sugar/carbs affect blood glucose levels more so than others. When you use appropriate amounts sparingly, natural/unrefined, ideally organic sugar sources (such as those from fruit or raw honey) are less likely to contribute to poor blood sugar management than refined sugars
  • Exercise regularly at about 30-60 minutes of exercise most days of the week
  • Manage stress with natural stress relievers exercise, yoga, meditation and using relaxing essential oils for anxiety
  • Get enough sleep at a recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night

Put the Three Together

When all these three are combined, they can lead to such drastic results, but treatments for these still don’t resolve the underlying problem. Any person who has the above symptoms, or who wants to prevent them from occurring should call the doctors at Journey to Wellness. We have all the best testing that can get to the root of the problem. Treatments are based on the root cause and not from any just one symptom. Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar: The Killer 3, but they don’t need to be. Contact us at Journey to Wellness today to get moving toward a healthy life.


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