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Diabetes continues to be diagnosed in a higher percentage of the population year after year. This isn’t restricted to the older generation, commonly termed “adult-onset diabetes”; now as young as teenagers are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Our integrative chiropractic team is here to help you.

Diagnosis and the First Oral Prescription

We have seen the same situation time and time again. Most people are diagnosed during their routine physical exam or when visiting a doctor for another medical reason. The doctor runs a basic blood panel test and the patient discovers the diabetes when returning for their results. Also common is the case where a prescription for an oral diabetic medication is being written before the patient is even properly explained what diabetes is and the negative effects it has on the body.

Lose weight, exercise and improve your eating habits. This is typically the extent of counseling you might receive from a doctor on day one of your diabetes diagnosis, and throughout your life.  And medication seems to be the only solution that is recommended.

The Slippery Slope of More Medication

Additional diabetes symptoms show, and patients return to their doctor for a follow-up and more tests. Now, because the root cause wasn’t found or treated, patients are offered the solution of up to three medications, including insulin injections in response to the symptoms. These medications can be for blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride meds, and then another medication to protect your kidneys.

High sugar has an impact on your body. Your blood sugar levels will now be out of control, and with this, more and more negative symptoms arise. When you go back to the doctor, and they see that your blood sugar levels are still high, they will max out that medication.  Then you are on 4-5 medications. We have seen patients that were prescribed up to 12 medications. This is the standard of care- that you will get worse with time- with less energy and less quality of life.

Deciding to do Something Different

The medications are increasing, there is weight gain. You are finding yourself with less and less energy, and you are still getting worse over time. Now, you could find yourself at a crossroads. If you don’t do something different, the end won’t be good. If you make your health the number one priority and do whatever it takes to make the change, then it’s time to do the work to reverse the disease. If you are at the point to make a change, you might hear that it’s not possible to reverse the disease and to just take the meds. Don’t let anyone ever tell you again that you can’t reverse the diabetes disease. We see amazing life transformations at our clinic.

Most doctors will continue to prescribe medications without discovering the underlying causes of the disease. In this case they never see the disease reversed; they just see the patient needing more drugs and getting worse. It is not possible to reverse diabetes by just using medications to suppress the symptoms. Learn the difference we have at Millpond, and why we see major results.

Types of Diabetes and Effects of Insulin Therapy

Type 1 Diabetes:

Patients with this type of diabetes are either born with it or get it very early in life. They are insulin dependent. Insulin takes the sugar from your blood and gets it into the cells where you need it.

Type 2 Diabetes:

Patients typically develop type 2 diabetes in midlife or in older age and gradually develop symptoms in stages. They are insulin resistant. Their bodies don’t respond well to insulin and often don’t make enough.

Unfortunately insulin therapy doesn’t treat diabetes, but instead promotes the disease process. You begin on a small dose, sugars come down and health improves. But then your lifestyle doesn’t change, and 3 months later you need an increase in insulin, which means you became more insulin resistant.  Then your health starts to decline.

Insulin is detrimental to your health. At Millpond Wellness we see patients that need insulin every hour, and our job is to get them off those hourly pumps. If you break a leg, do you keep the cast forever? There is no reason for you to need insulin forever; your body just needs the tools to heal.

Everyone is diabetic for a different reason, you should be treated as an individual.

Our moto in the office is that “we don’t guess- we test.” The more you know about your diabetic condition, the faster you can get better. There are specific organs in the body that control your blood sugar. Your heart is important, your brain is important and controls every function in your body, sending signals down your spinal cord to every cell, muscle and tissue in your body. Your thyroid gland, your liver, and your adrenal glands are important.

You have to have function in those areas to have good blood sugar. Everyone has different triggers that drive up their resistance: hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, gastrointestinal infections, etc. There are so many different triggers, so one specific treatment won’t work for all diabetics.

Weight and Diabetes

Weight has no correlation with your diabetes; it’s not the cause or the cure. If you lose weight your diabetes will not go away. We have seen diabetics that are extremely skinny; the sole solution is not just to lose weight. Doctors recommend losing weight to get better and it’s not working. Doctors even recommend gastric bypass to fix diabetes. There isn’t a focus on the cause of the diabetes.  Some of the reasons you are diabetic may be some of the reasons you are overweight. It’s important to know what a proper diet is for you.

There is no one diet for all.  Food reacts with your physiology. So what is the right diet? We won’t know until we test.  Every single patient needs a food test to see what their bodies are able to consume. Most patients have 15-20 foods that their body sees as an invader and in turn they develop antibodies towards those foods. Every time you eat those foods, your body does its best to remove them, and it keeps your system flared up with inflammation.


All diabetics have inflammation in their joints, bones and brain. They can have arthritis in their knee, hip, joints. Arthritis doesn’t move around, inflammation does.  Inflammation of the brain can cause lack of concentration. The long term effects of inflammation of the brain can cause dementia, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. The inflammation is the culprit. At Journey to Wellness we remove the inflammation from your body, but also try to discover where it’s coming from to stop it. We test to see what your triggers are, what’s causing the diabetes, and not having any guess work.

One on One Consultation at Journey to Wellness

Come to our office to see if you are a good fit for us. Not every patient is willing to do what it takes to get well.  If you don’t take the recommended steps, you won’t get healthy. It takes more than just medication to cure the problem. When you are ready, we are here to treat you and change your life in so many ways. Think about your why. Why do you want to get well? That is what is going to motivate you and get you started. Contact us for a one on one consultation and spend an hour with our doctors.

We won’t guess what is wrong with you; we will test until we find out why you were diagnosed as being a diabetic.


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