How to Treat Your Thyroid Problems Naturally

How to Treat Your Thyroid Problems Naturally

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The thyroid gland is one of the most important parts of your body. In short, the thyroid coordinates the body’s energy, metabolism and growth. If your thyroid levels are too high or low, it can lead to serious problems occurring.

Nearly 12 percent of the American population suffers with some type of thyroid condition. The key to avoid problems caused by this condition, it properly treating it.

If you are like most people, finding a natural way to treat this condition is a main priority. Here are some of the things you can do to help regulate and repair your thyroid without the help of pharmaceuticals. Our chiropractic team in Lexington is here to help you.

Assessing the Underlying Cause of This Condition

The first thing a natural wellness professional will do when trying to treat your thyroid condition is work on uncovering the root cause of this problem. Many of the pharmaceutical treatments on the market only address the symptoms of these conditions. In most cases, this leads to a person having to be on various medications for the rest of their life.

Most people fail to realize that an overwhelming number of people with thyroid problems have undiagnosed autoimmune disorders. These disorders include things like Grave’s or Hashimoto disease. Diagnosing these conditions requires testing to find out what is triggering your immune system.

Not only will these tests look for the presence of anti-bodies, they will detect any infections that may be present in the body. Conditions like Epstein Barr are often misdiagnosed. The longer these conditions remain undiagnosed, the more physiological problems you will ultimately experience.

Wellness professionals will also take a stool sample to test for leaky gut. These tests will help determine whether there are pathogens like parasites, bacteria or yeast in your system.

Taking Care of Your Immune System

Your body’s immune system is designed to protect against infections and harmful pathogens. If you are suffering from an autoimmune disease, your immune system will focus on tissue that is relatively healthy. In some case, this unwanted attention will affect your thyroid. The inflammation caused by these disorders can damage the thyroid, which is why finding a way to keep your immune system healthy is vital.

Doing things like eating fewer processed foods and high-glycemic carbohydrates is a step in the right direction. You should also increase your intake of fish that is rich in omega-3 fats. While this healthier way of eating will take some getting used to, it is worth the effort invested.

Get Tested For Food Intolerance Issues

People fail to realize food intolerance issues can go unnoticed in people who have thyroid issues. In some cases, these issues can wreak havoc on your body. For instance, gluten intolerance can cause fatigue, bloating and even depression. Studies show there are over 3 million Americans who have an undiagnosed gluten intolerance.

Many wellness clinics offer food sensitivity testing. With these tests, you can get to the bottom of your food-related issues once and for all. Having these answers will allow you to optimize your diet and reduce the intake of harmful foods.

Reach Out to a Wellness Professional For Help

Instead of trying to correct thyroid problems on your own, seek out the help of an experienced natural wellness professional. The team at Millpond Wellness Center works hard to provide their patients with the help and guidance they need to stay healthy. You can contact us now to find out more about the treatments we offer.


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